1758483Kindness, compassion and grace…these are the things we need more of in America. We need a revolution of kindness in this country. You can help change the nation simply by practicing a life of kindness one day at a time, day in and day out. I call this philosophy: Kindness at all times. Sometimes you may not feel like being kind, yet this is when you may need to be kind anyway. If you do not feel like being kind, act as though you feel like being kind. Sometimes it really is best just to fake it until you make it.

Indeed the one time we must work especially hard at being kind is those times when we don’t feel like being kind. Others need us to be kind people. Our children need kind parents, daily. Our siblings need kind family support, daily. Our friends need kind friends, daily. Our coworkers need kind coworkers, daily. There are so many, many opportunities to practice kindness at all times and hence make a difference in someone’s life. Indeed every time you interact with another person is an opportunity to improve someone’s day by an act of grace or kindness. So why not do it? Life is not merely about satisfying and looking after our own wishes and desires, and anyone who focuses exclusively on doing so will be an unhappy and miserable person indeed. Humans are above all else social beings. We crave and thrive on positive interaction with others. More than most anything, humans crave approval and companionship from one another. By practicing kindness at all times you can significantly make a difference in others lives. Don’t ever doubt your ability to positively impact lives and to help change society. There is just too much cruelty and violence in our society and only by practicing and teaching compassion and kindness to our children will we reduce the violence and suffering around us. If you want to make a dent in crime, practice and teach kindness. If you care about reducing the 43,000 suicides in the United States annually, practice kindness. If you want to reduce the coarseness and vulgarity we sometimes see in American society, practice kindness. You can always make a difference, never forget that.

Ron Hill