Children are in particular need of kindness because they learn how to appropriately act from watching us. Children will not grow up to do what you say, they will grow up to do as you do. If parents yell and curse (or even throw things) when angry – their children will grow up and most likely act the same way when angered. It is your job as a parent to model for your children how to cope with anger in appropriate and healthy ways. One of the best gifts you can give your kids is the gift of knowing how to appropriately handle anger and negative feelings. It is therefore our job as parents to model the behavior we want our children to learn and live when they become adults. Every parent’s goal is to raise children capable of leading a healthy and happy productive life. If we fail to model positive behavior like kindness, regular exercise, healthy boundaries, and good communication skills – our children may grow up only to go through a lifetime of chaos because they never learned how to effectively deal with negative feelings. We all have negative feelings; it’s how we choose to deal with that negative feeling that is important. One of the kindest things we can do for our children is to teach them that unpleasant feelings such as anger, sadness and anxiety are just a normal part of life and to teach them healthy ways to deal with these emotions. This kind act will reap benefits for our children for the rest of their lives while reducing the amount of anger and violence in our society. In fact, teaching children about negative feelings and how to deal with them is required if we wish to reduce violence.

Ron Hill