The Kindness Revolution™

Only Kindness MattersI speak professionally to business people on the power of kindness.  In business today, with all of the fear, negativity, and indifference in the marketplace, businesses are finding that values-based leadership makes an extremely positive difference in the workplace.

Do our children feel this way?  Can it be cool to be kind?

I have four grandchildren that I adore.  They are kind kids being raised by kind parents. I may sometimes worry about their well-being but I never worry about their values.  They are values-driven, kind kids.

What I DO worry about, however, are the kids that are being taught that kindness isn’t cool, that nice guys finish last, that being kind equals being a wimp.  I am afraid that too many of our children’s’ role models are tough talking athletes, TV, and movie celebrities that are great entertainment but poor examples of the power of kindness.

I want to…

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