Kindness is ‘The Golden Rule’ in action.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a spiritual and moral axiom found in many of the world’s religions and which dates back several thousands of years to before even the birth of Jesus. It isn’t enough to believe in the Golden Rule though – we must live it ourselves and we must also not tolerate infractions in our media or in our politicians. We fail to follow the Golden Rule when we listen to talk radio or TV shows that attack and demonize other groups of Americans. Too many “news” or “entertainment” programs demonize our fellow citizens for mere political differences while others demonize our fellow citizens over religious differences or because of their sexual orientation. We fail to follow the Golden Rule and we fail to act with kindness and with grace when we provide an audience by listening to those who demean, slander, or attack our fellow Americans. Such programs fail to edify and build up our country and add only to the division, anger and hate in our nation. The ‘Us versus Them’ mentality that pervades what passes for political discourse is part of the problem rather than part of the solution to what ails and divides America. We also fail to be kind and loving when we vote for politicians who pit one group of citizens against another group of citizens. We fail to follow the Golden Rule when we attend houses of worship that choose to use religion to divide Americans and to demonize our fellow citizens. This does not mean that houses of worship must agree with or like everything they see in society – but there is a difference between speaking up for religious belief and using religion to demonize others or as an excuse to treat fellow citizens poorly. Too many of our ancestors attended Churches that advocated for slavery, for Jim Crow, and against equal justice under the law for all Americans – and those churches used the Bible as an excuse. We must be careful not to use religion as an excuse to advocate for civil policies that are cruel, divisive or harmful to fellow citizens.

No unkind word or act is ever Godly.

Ron Hill