Kindness of Time and Attention is an overlooked aspect of kindness. Too often we rush through life –  busy with errands, chores, work, etc., while neglecting to spend actual time with our friends and loved ones. Yes we are around our loved ones, but we are often not with them. Ever been in a room with your family when everyone is doing something separate, as if they were all alone? If so this does not count as “quality time” with family, and when done too often may be emotional neglect. If you repeatedly spend time around family but are doing separate things (i.e., one person on the internet, one watching TV, one cooking) and with little interaction, then this is not kindness of time and attention. Shut off your computer and do something with one another. More than anything, children (yes, even teens) crave positive interactions with their parents. Go biking together, train for a 5 or 10k together, go fishing, or take up a hobby with your loved ones. Give the gift of your time and attention.

This is one of the greatest and most valuable types of kindness we can give. After all, who are we busy working a job, buying a house, and saving money for? Our spouse and kids right? So spend quality time with them while you can – you (or they) may not always be around. This also means turning off your cell phone or putting it away. When we scan the web, text, or check our phone (while in the presence of others) we are being unkind by essentially saying that the person we are with is not as interesting or as important as whatever it is we are doing on our phones. This is insulting to the person we are with, so ignore the temptation to be on your phone or tablet all the time and instead, find out what the person who is actually in your presence is like.

Ron Hill