Kindness at all times is something we can live wherever we are and with anyone. The world is changed when one small act of kindness is added to another small act, which is added to another, and so on. What is particularly important to remember is that children learn how to interact with others by watching us (parents and other adults). Children will pay little attention to what we tell them unless it is consistent with how we act. If we want to raise kind children – and this is our best way to impact society – them we must teach and model kindness to our children (and to others). As an added bonus, research tells us that teaching kindness, empathy, and compassion to children is the best way to promote the non-violent teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. If we say we honor the principles of Dr. King every January 15th, then we must live the principles of Dr. King all 365 days of the year. Non-violence, compassion, justice, equality – these are the building blocks of a kind society. We cannot be a kind society if we are a violent society. Nor can we be a kind society if we tolerate discrimination or injustice. Kindness at all times will change society in many ways.

Kindness does not allow anyone to see “us” or “them” – kindness only see’s fellow humans. Grace and kindness connects us with our humanity and with one another. Kindness and grace transcends race, religion, politics, nationalities, gender, and sexual orientation – all the things others use to attack and divide us one from one another. We are all humans and kindness allows us to see others first as fellow humans who have hopes and dreams just like us, but who also hurt and suffer just like us. Kindness allows us to see that we are all human and that we all have something to offer one another. What is most important is how we treat one another. Do we relieve human suffering in our own home and city when we can? Are we kind and loving daily?


Ron Hill