Been thinking about why Americans are so vulgar & uncouth (and not just because Trump is both). I’m talking about why it is ok for someone to scream obscenities at a 16 year old fast food worker who forgot to put ketchup in the bag with the fries? Why it is ok to curse and demean a waitress in a crowded restaurant because you arrived without a reservation on a Friday night and demand to be seated ahead of the patrons who made reservations? Why it is ok to curse and demean my coworker whom you have never interacted with and is trying to help solve your problem, a problem caused because you never responded to multiple voice messages or letters mailed to you?

Why is it acceptable in America to raise your voice, berate, and scream at others, even if they are at fault? Most businesses will apologize and try to make the situation right, yet I see restaurant employees try to address a complaint and the customer is screaming, demeaning the waitress, and acting badly in a completely irrational way. Why is this acceptable in America? I could not help but note that the United States is NOT on a list of friendliest countries in the world and I fully understand why. Why is America so unkind compared to other western democracies?